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A Trailer for DIY Hunting

I have long thought it would be nice to have all my DIY hunting gear in one place—a trailer that would allow me to both store and haul gear. Here’s how I made one.  By Bernie Barringer Returning from a DIY hunting adventure in some state far away often found me with a big mess […]

Bear Hunting and Bowfishing: The perfect combo hunt!

Many people like to take in some fishing on a Canadian bear hunt, but did you realize there are places you can go that offer fantastic bowfishing opportunities on a bear hunt? By Bernie Barringer Ask any bear hunting outfitter across central Canada about the most asked questions they get from prospective clients, and they […]

GPS Tracking Provides New Insights into Rut Movement

GPS tracking collars on 102 bucks show some interesting trends in how bucks tend to move during the breeding season. By Bernie Barringer If you are doing your homework, you are using scouting cameras and long range surveillance with binoculars to keep track of the bucks that live on the land where you hunt. You […]

Right Place Right Time: Annual Scouting Camera Timeline

Don’t put your trail cameras away after the season! Here’s a calendar showing where your cameras should be placed throughout the year to help you learn more about the deer and increase your odds of bagging a big one next season. By Bernie Barringer Once thought of as a way monitor deer movements, thus the […]

Do these 6 things now to help you shoot a buck in the fall

The time to prepare your hunting property for next season’s success is in the late winter. Here are six simple land improvements steps that will increase your odds of success in the seasons to come By Bernie Barringer If you are sitting on the couch in front of a football game instead of spending a […]