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Win The Hunt Of A Lifetime in the Pope And Young Club

2017 Conservation Hunt-Drawing Chatfield, MN – The Pope and Young Club is offering two exciting hunting adventures as part of the 2017 Pope and Young Club Conservation Hunt-Drawing. 100% of the funds raised through donations for hunt-draw tickets, will go directly to Pope and Young Club Conservation, Education and Outreach Programs. You could win the […]

Dealing with Food Plot Pests

Rodents and other small mammals may be doing more damage to your food plots than you realize. Here’s how to alleviate the problems. By Bernie Barringer When most of us think about the reasons our food plots fail or thrive, we usually point to things like fertilizer, weather, soil types and timing of plantings. But […]

Seven Critical Tips for DIY Public Land Hunting

By Bernie Barringer My first bowhunting road trip was a complete bust. In my defense, it took place more than 20 years ago, so I didn’t have the advantage of Google Earth, a scouting camera or looking at the weather on my smartphone. I basically went in blind, and my results showed it. I did […]

Bears at the rubbing tree

by Bernie Barringer I live in an area with lots and lots of bears. on the corner of my food plot is a scent marking tree (rubbing tree) that the bears have been using for the past couple years. I put a Covert Scouting Camera on it to shoot some photos and video of bears […]

5 Steps to a Successful DIY bowhunt

Five Steps to Making Your Dream Bowhunt a Reality. You’ve always wanted to hunt deer in one of the destination states. You watch on TV each week as big bucks are shot but you really don’t have hunting like that where you live. Here’s a short course in how to get started on your dream bowhunt […]