Small Suburban Property Gems

Small pockets of excellent whitetail habitat are found in nearly every community. Finding these little gems can provide excellent hunting for bucks that get little to no hunting pressure. By Bernie Barringer Driving through a suburban area, I was surprised to see a buck in my headlights. He was standing on the side of the […]

The Successful DIY Mentality

You’re not hunting at home: The Four Parts of a Successful DIY Mentality By Bernie Barringer Hunting away from home presents some unique challenges. When you are hunting in your home area, you have an entire season to bag your buck and fill out your deer tags. But on a DIY road trip, you are […]

10 Things you didn’t know about mosquitoes

Did you know that mosquitoes like beer drinkers and have a favorite color? Here are ten things I’ll bet you didn’t know. By Bernie Barringer Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying creatures on Earth. There are billions of them and they turn up where you least like them, which is pretty much everywhere they […]

Equipment for the Mobile Hunter

Taking a bowhunting road trip can be intimidating. What should I take and what should I leave home? Here’s a crash course in making sure you have the right stuff and how to avoid loading the truck with things you won’t need. By Bernie Barringer On my first hunt to North Dakota I thought I […]

Bowfishing Basics: Spring and Summer Fun

By Bernie Barringer Bowfishing equipment has evolved a lot since I started trying it out 40 years ago. There is some high-tec stuff out there, believe me. My favorite bowfishing set-up features a Ben Pearson recurve that I got out of the “Free” box at a garage sale. No kidding. That’s one of the things […]