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Three Myths About Buck Rubs

A deer rubs his antlers on a small tree to mark his territory right? How complicated can that be? Well, here are some things that will shed new light on what rubs actually mean. By Bernie Barringer Outdoor writers like myself are always looking for new ideas and new things to write about. We are […]

Aggressively Scouting and Hunting Public Land

It’s not like being at home when you have all season to get it done.  By Bernie Barringer I settled into my stand before daylight with high hopes. I had arrived in Iowa the previous day with a coveted archery tag in my pocket and spent the day scouting out a large piece of public […]

This coyote control package will help your deer herd

You know the coyotes are taking their toll on the deer on the properties you hunt. You know you should be doing something about reducing coyote numbers but if you really didn’t know where to start, here’s the perfect kit to get you going. Serious hunters and land management experts know that maintaining a healthy […]

Find State Hunting Land Near You

There are 50-million acres of public hunting land available to the whitetail hunter across the eastern 2/3 of the US. Learn how to find it in your area. By Bernie Barringer I grew up in a family without hunters, so when I became a deer hunter at age 14, I was mostly on my own […]

How to Succeed on a Bowhunting Road Trip

By Bernie Barringer Ever since the advent of outdoor TV, hunters across the US have become more aware of the hunting possibilities for chasing whitetails in other states. It has become common knowledge in the past two decades that there are places where whitetail hunters see big bucks most every day that would be the […]