Don’t Blow it on Early Season Bow Bucks

Patience is the key to success on opening day whitetails! By Bernie Barringer Any serious whitetail hunter spends some time glassing fields on late summer evenings, admiring the whitetails that are so visible at that time of the year. They are actually quite easy to pattern because their movements are so predictable. Excitement builds because […]

Are Bucks Avoiding Your Treestands?

Some recent research on whitetail movements suggests that bucks learn where your treestands are located and even more importantly, they tend to avoid those areas. By Bernie Barringer Most of us have been aware that sometimes we tip off a buck to our location. At times, the buck makes it clear to us that he’s […]

Semi-Guided bear hunting success in Ontario

A few years ago I met a young man who had just inherited a large bear hunting concession from his grandfather. I worked out a deal with him where I could have the first week of bear season exclusively to my group if I filled up the camp with friends. We do much of the […]

Three Top Opening Day Stand Sites for Mature Bucks

The early days of archery season are perhaps the best time of the year to pattern and shoot a buck. Here are the three best places to waylay an early-season whitetail buck.   By Bernie Barringer Opening weekend of archery season in many states opens at a time of change for the whitetail buck. Most […]

How to Fire Up Your Bear Baits

Get on location and give them the right things to eat and you’ll have bears hitting the bait in no time; here’s how. By Bernie Barringer I confess. I was playing a game on my phone as I sat in the treestand that early fall day. I had been glancing at my surroundings every few […]

Is Ozonics the Missing Link?

by Glenn Walker My dad is old school, so naturally when I showed him the spot where I killed my buck, he was a bit surprised. “What… that doesn’t make sense, the west wind had to be at your back the entire time…”  I spent the rest of the afternoon doing something I haven’t had […]

Face-Off: Headnet or Face Paint; Which is Better?

Each has advantages and disadvantages. If you have been using one and never considered the other, this list of pros and cons may change your mind. By Bernie Barringer My buddy Paul was sitting across the table from me eating dinner with his face completely covered with several colors of paint: black, brown, olive and […]

Learn your bucks through the lens

The first two weeks of August are the first—and possibly the best—time to get a look at the deer in your area. This is when the hunting actually starts. By Bernie Barringer Late summer is an easy time for whitetail bucks. Food is everywhere, the hunting pressure is off, and the stress of growing antlers […]

Walk In Whitetails

Gaining access to hunt can be a difficult task across much of North America these days, but programs in 25 states that open private lands to public hunting offer a place for anyone to hunt for free. By Bernie Barringer I came from a non-hunting family. In fact my parents wouldn’t even let me own […]