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The Killing Tree: 4 Attributes of the Perfect Stand

Some locations are good year after year. Finding the right tree based on land features that direct deer movement is an art, but once your find the right place, you annual success is bound to rise.   By Bernie Barringer Most hunters never see a Boone & Crockett scoring buck, much less have a chance […]

RULE THE RUT with these 3 overlooked tree stand sites

These three terrain features are quite common across much of the whitetail’s range, but few hunters look for them. Here’s how to find and capitalize on these overlooked locations. By Bernie Barringer All serious whitetail hunters live for that magical time of the year; those three weeks in November when something amazing can happen at […]

Every Deer Hunter Should Master These 3 Essential Calls

Using calls to bring in a buck can be hit or miss and many hunters just give up trying. But if you learn to use these three calls in the right place at the right time, you will be a believer. By Bernie Barringer It took me four years to draw the nonresident Iowa deer […]

5 ways to stop a deer in your shooting lane without spooking it

Shooting at a moving deer with a bow can be a big mistake, but trying to stop him can be just as risky. Here are some tips to bring him to a halt without alarm. By Bernie Barringer If you watch outdoor TV, you have seen it a hundred times. The show host is in […]

Late October Whitetail Madness

Many hunters wait to hunt hard until the month of November when the bucks are running crazy and the rut is in full swing. That can be a mistake, because the last week in October can be one of the best times of the year to tag a mature buck. By Bernie Barringer I love […]

How to Beat the October Lull, a week by week guide

Too many bowhunters stay home during October because the reputation of the “October Lull” has them discouraged. Here’s how to improve your success during each week of this maligned month. By Bernie Barringer In the past, I never really got serious about my deer hunting until the rut. I’m definitely not alone in that regard, […]