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Bear Hunting Dream Trip: Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia

Spot and Stalk bear hunting in the mountains with a bow and arrow brings some serious challenges, but everything about the hunt was exhilarating. Oh, and I shot the 43rd bear I saw.  By Bernie Barringer What makes a dream trip for a die-hard bear hunter? I suppose a dream trip is different things to […]

Game Changer: New Scouting Camera Tech

New technology and cost effective cell phone cameras are taking scouting camera strategies to the next level. By Bernie Barringer We have come a long way since the days of rushing to a one-hour photo developer to look at the photos taken by our trail cameras. A long, long ways. Digital cameras completely changed the […]

Budget Bear Hunts You Can Afford

Think the cost of a fully guided bear hunt is out of reach? There are other options to help you get your bear rug at a fraction of the cost. By Bernie Barringer Growing up in Iowa, I had it pretty good as a bowhunter. I started bowhunting in 1973 at 14 years of age. […]

5 Top Places to Find Shed Antlers

Just walking around in the woods looking for shed deer antlers is a low-percentage deal. Concentrate your efforts in these 5 areas to up your odds of owning more bone By Bernie Barringer The link between where you are likely to find a buck’s shed antlers and where you are likely to shoot that buck […]