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3 Myths About Buck Rubs

A deer rubs his antlers on a small tree to mark his territory right? How complicated can that be? Well, here are some things that will shed new light on what rubs actually mean. By Bernie Barringer Outdoor writers like myself are always looking for new ideas and new things to write about. We are […]

How State Agencies Estimate Deer Populations

All states publish stats for their deer herds including overall populations and trends. How they arrive at these numbers might surprise you. By Bernie Barringer Like me, no doubt you have marveled at the numbers being thrown about by state game agencies when it comes to their deer populations and harvest management objectives. One state […]

The Four Parts of a Successful DIY Mentality

By Bernie Barringer Hunting away from home presents some unique challenges. When you are hunting in your home area, you have an entire season to bag your buck and fill out your deer tags. But on a DIY road trip, you are hunting under a deadline; you have a limited amount of time to get […]

Do These 5 Things This Summer to Help You Shoot a Buck in the Fall

Don’t wait until the last minute. You can increase your chances of shooting a nice buck this fall by doing some preliminary work in the summer. By Bernie Barringer If you’re sitting here reading this deer hunting magazine in the summer, I’d say it’s safe to assume you’re a pretty serious deer hunter.  Like most […]

Quest for a Color Phase Bear

May bear hunters are interested in shooting a big mature bruin, but more and more bear hunting enthusiasts are looking to add a color phase bear to their collection. By Bernie Barringer Black bears are one of our most sought after big game animals in North America because they offer so many different opportunities and […]