Learn your bucks through the lens

The first two weeks of August are the first—and possibly the best—time to get a look at the deer in your area. This is when the hunting actually starts. By Bernie Barringer Late summer is an easy time for whitetail bucks. Food is everywhere, the hunting pressure is off, and the stress of growing antlers […]

4 tips to Quickly Evaluate the Quality of Hunting on Public Land

Heading off to a new area to hunt can be challenging and the amount of work to learn a new piece of property can be a daunting task, particularly when it’s public land and other hunters are a factor. Here’s a system for figuring it out in a hurry. By Bernie Barringer I first discovered […]

The DIY Whitetail Hunt for Weekend Warriors

Can’t afford the time or the money to take an extended hunting trip out of state? Consider the pros and cons of a weekend DIY hunt. By Bernie Barringer When most hunters think about a road trip to hunt big whitetail bucks, they are usually thinking about a week-long adventure. Their tactics involve going to […]

The Business of Bear Bait

Thousands of bear hunters go to the woods each year in an attempt to attract a wary black bear to a bait site. Where do they get all those goodies? Here’s how one entrepreneur took the bear bait business to a whole new level. By Bernie Barringer Cory Carlson was a part of a group […]