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Plan Your Next Successful Hunt Right Now

By Bernie Barringer I’d been sitting in a tree by a trail that led to a bedding area composed of willows on a riverbank. A steep hill was 100 yards to the west and I was surrounded by rubs and scrapes. I had spent two mornings and an evening in this spot, with a great […]

How to smoke a venison ham

This not just another venison recipe, it’s a new way to look at cooking an entire hindquarter of venison. Check it out. By Bernie Barringer My wife shot a young doe and the tender meat had me looking for something new to try with the venison. A trophy is in the eye of the beholder and […]

Late Season Bucks: Don’t Make Tag Soup Just Yet

Don’t despair if you still haven’t wrapped your tag around a buck. This is one of the best times of the year to hunt if you can handle the harsh weather. By Bernie Barringer Here I am with a deer tag in my pocket and it’s almost Christmas. It’s not the first time I let […]