A Well-Traveled Grizzly Bear’s 5,000-Mile Journey

Courtesy Idaho Public Radio One grizzly bear’s incredible 5,000-mile journey across Montana and Idaho has scientists re-thinking what they know about the animals. Ethyl the grizzly bear was 19 years old when she started out on her epic journey over 5,000 miles in two years.CREDIT U.S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE Ethyl the grizzly bear walked […]

3 Ways to Thief-Proof Your Scouting Cameras

Possibly the only thing that hurts worse than losing a trail camera to a thief is losing the information it contained. Here are three ways to minimize your losses. By Bernie Barringer             The sick feeling in the pit of my stomach turned into anger as I stood there looking at the tree my scouting […]

6 ways Spring Scouting Means Big Fall Bucks

A serious hunter’s work is never done. Springtime is one of the best times of the year to get out in the woods and learn some things about your hunting area that you couldn’t learn at any other time of the year. By Bernie Barringer Springtime is not just for fishing and turkey hunting. Serious […]

The Science of Scents: How Well Can Deer Smell?

The sense of smell among members of the deer family is legendary. In fact, it’s hard for humans to grasp. But recent research into the sense of smell of elk and whitetails finally puts some numbers to it. By Bernie Barringer I was aroused from my calm, patient state by a flicker of movement to […]