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Aggressive strike rut hunting

This aggressive strategy might just put you within range of a big mature whitetail By Bernie Barringer If you have hunted during the rut for very long, you have probably been in one of those situations where you are right in the middle of the rutting action. Bucks chasing does all around you, grunting, fighting, […]

Hunting the Final Approach

Don’t wait until the early season bucks hit the field in the evening, the best place to kill one is before they step into the open By Bernie Barringer The buck in my spotting scope was not a giant by any means. His thick, stubby 10-point frame would maybe go 130 tops. But for this […]

Bring bears to your baits quickly and keep them there

Getting bears to hit your baits is just the first step; keeping them there is another step. Heed this advice to increase your odds of success. By Bernie Barringer I’m convinced the most important factor in shooting a bear over bait for us DIY bear hunters is getting the bears associated with your bait quickly; […]