Top 5 DIY Rut Hunts

By Bernie Barringer As a travelling DIY hunter, I am always in search of the next mature buck, no matter where he lives. That has taken me to several states all through the hunting season, from opening day till the final days of the season in a state far from home. But there is one […]

3 Dynamite Decoy Set Ups for the Rut

By Bernie Barringer Many hunters have a negative view of using a decoy in their deer hunting. There are a couple reasons this is the case: It’s a lot of extra work to haul it to your hunting area and set it up. Many people have used decoys and had a negative response from deer […]

Late October Whitetail Madness

Many hunters wait to hunt hard until the month of November when the bucks are running crazy and the rut is in full swing. That can be a mistake, because the last week in October can be one of the best times of the year to tag a mature buck. By Bernie Barringer I love […]

Scrapes and rubs are key to October success

Most of October is an overlooked time for gathering information that will be valuable later on, and Late October is the one time of the year when focusing on scrapes and rubs can pay off big. By Bernie Barringer The month of October is maligned by bowhunters everywhere as the months where the bucks disappear […]