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First Lite Kiln Hoody Review

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Camron Stover
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The First Lite Kiln hoody is a great first-layer or second-layer option. I own two Aerowool shirts, and use a few more lifestyle t-shirts as well. I use these as my base, not my merino thermals…. I also wear a mix of Corrugate pants, obsidian foundry, and heavyweight bibs. When I walk in deep into public I don’t wear any pant layers, just my top pants, and an Aerwool tech shirt with the kiln hoodie on. Once I warm up I strip the hoodie off and get to the tree. Before putting my saddle on I strip everything off, usually including my socks then rebuild the layering system. By the end of it I have my sweat-soaked Aerowool tech shirt and sock tucked away in a ziplock bag to be washed once I get home. My layering system starts with Merino thermals bottom and top, and usually, a pair of shorts or sweats if it’s really cold before my top layer first lite corrugate or obsidian foundry pants, the kiln hoodie, perhaps a fleece top or heavier weight hoodie (might get the furnace to fill in here), a 600 down packable jacket, then a sanctuary 2.0 jacket top if it’s very cold. 


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Posted : 27/05/2024 8:51 pm