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2024 Turkey Season Giveaway - $2,000+ in Prizes

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Turkey Season Giveaway

Review This Thing and Hunting Gear Deals have teamed up to bring you our largest giveaway ever!!!  We’ve gathered a huge line-up of turkey hunting gear from our partners.   It’s free to enter, starting with your email and you can earn additional entry points by performing the following actions.  The giveaway ends on 4/21/2024.  Here’s what we’re giving away:

Grand Prize:

  • Mossberg SA28 Tactical Turkey Gun
  • Burris FastFire 3
  • Meadow Creek Mount
  • Trulock Choke Tube
  • Viper Turkey Ammo

Second Prize:

  • Blocker Outdoors Finisher Series Clothing and Accessories
  • ESH Custom Turkey Calls
  • Viper Turkey Ammo

Third Prize:

  • Primos Trigger Stick
  • Nukem Hunting Blind
  • Mossberg Hat

Posted : 07/02/2024 4:13 pm