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By Bernie Barringer

Scent free dryer sheets

This one comes from the “Why hasn’t anyone done that before?” department. Well the reason no one has introduced a scent free dryer sheet before is because the nature of dryer sheets makes it difficult to do so, but Wildlife Research Center recently got the chemistry right and now we have a dryer sheet to throw in with our hunting clothing that removes static without making them smell like the perfume counter at the mall. Here’s a video about it and two more new products.

Hunter safety systems Ultra-Lite harness

HSS has several levels of safety harnesses from the popular pro series with its pockets and straps which help the hunter keep his gear within quick reach to more bare bones models. The Ultra-Lite is designed for the guy who covers long distances and goes deep into public land on foot. Weighing in at a mere 2.9 lbs., the Ultra-Lite is the lightest and most flexible harness on the market. It is the ideal harness for anyone who has to travel a long distance to the treestand or who prefers to feel unencumbered while staying safe. The Ultra-Lite comes standard with ElimiShield Scent Control Technology and is available in Realtree Xtra for a suggested retail price of $99.99.

A cell phone scouting camera for under $300?

Leave it to Covert to come up with a high-quality cell phone camera that retails at $299, by far the best value of any camera of this quality available. The 4G LTE E-1 camera will appeal to a lot of people. They did it without sacrificing photo quality in lens and sensor. The camera lacks some of the features of the higher end cameras such as the ability to change settings from home with a cell phone app. But the quality of photos it takes remains the same as their cameras costing $150 more. It will either text or email you a low-res photo as it takes them, and saves a high-res photo on the SD card. Watch this video about it.

Deer lure from your own urine

Time will tell if this product is a serious player in the business of deer lures. What’s better than fresh urine as a deer attractant? It doesn’t get any fresher than when it comes straight from your own bladder. Mix your own urine in a bottle with a doe-in heat lure formula and you have fresh doe in heat deer lure according to the folks at Scent Relief. I’ll just pass this info along and let you decide for yourself. They do not have a website yet.


Scent Lok Hundo youth camo and Elite:1

Most of the time children’s hunting clothing has been hand-downs and poor fitting at best. Scent Lok set out to change that with their Hundo series. Its great clothing priced at $100 per piece for jacket, pants and base layers. It has seams that can be removed at the sleeves and pantlegs so the child can grow into it. Keeping kids comfortable in the field is one way to get them hooked on hunting for life and these items of clothing are designed to help. Scent Lok also released a high-end line to compete with the likes of KUIU and Sitka. For the hunter who is not afraid to pay up for high quality clothing, the Elite:1 line is really nice stuff for the hunt of a lifetime. Video

Check out this moveable camera

The live feed video camera from Whitetail’r can be put anywhere within Bluetooth range of your phone and you can control the camera from an app on your smartphone. You can move the camera all around to explore different angles right from your phone. It will also take photos. See more on this video

More improvements to the Lone Wolf treestand

Lone Wolf for many years has been a very popular treestand and sticks system used by DIY public land hunters who walk long distances from the access points and desire to stay mobile. A couple new features have been added including a coating that reduces noise and a new system for anchoring the seat solid. It’s a lot easer to watch than to explain so check out this video.

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