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There’s a big difference between good taxidermy and great taxidermy. there’s also a category of taxidermy that’s not so good, and then there’s a level that makes you say, “Why would anyone do that with their deer!” The following photos are dedicated to that category. Some of them are really not so bad, and in fact kinda creative, but others are downright disgusting. Here goes, but be forewarned, you can’t unsee them once you look!

Okay let’s start with one that’s only mildly creepy. This buck is mouthing, and tongueing a cob of corn. Doesn’t look like he’s trying to eat it, and I can’t go any farther than that.
This is actually just kinda weird, until you see the closeup below.
Ummm… NO!
Who comes up with an idea like this one and why?
Okay gotta admit this is pretty strange but actually kinda cool if you have a place for it. But where is he going to land?
Just plain messed up.
First of all you need a guy with a buck who wants to do this with his mount, then you need a taxidermist who is willing to do it, then you end up with this. Not for me.
At first you might think this is just the north end of a southbound deer, but it’s even more disturbing than that.
Yes this was actually for sale. Can’t imagine your little girl not loving her new dollhouse!
In keeping with the “things that shouldn’t be put into a deer mount” theme, this one’s just as messed up.
Some people will find this amusing, and some may really like it. Take my advice, put this in your man cave not in a part of the house your wife frequents.
I get what they’re trying to do here, but blood on a mount is never a good thing.
At least there’s no blood, but who wants to mount a buck shown licking itself? I think in general, most people do not want to see a tongue when they see a deer mount. What a way to ruin a fantastic buck!
Okay I’ll leave you with this one so the sight of those others will be put aside and allow you to sleep tonight. Really not a bad idea for a mount and might actually work in the right environment. A little bizarre, yes, but not necessarily in a bad way.

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