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how to buy hunting gear on a budget

Buying quality hunting gear on a budget may seem like a daunting task but I’m here to help.  Not everyone can afford to buy a new bow every year or chase the latest gear craze that’s sweeping the industry.  However, savvy shoppers know how to maximize their dollars to get high-quality hunting gear at a great price.  In this blog, you’ll learn how and when to save money on hunting, as well as tips and tricks to help your dollar go further.  But first, let me introduce you to to get you started. is your best resource for finding great deals on hunting gear all year long.  Every online retailer is fighting for a piece of your hunting budget each year, except for doesn’t sell hunting gear, they simply help you find the best deals on hunting gear from across the web.  If it’s on sale, you’ll find a link to it there.

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Creating a Hunting Gear Budget

The first thing you should consider when planning for the upcoming hunting season is how much you’re willing to spend.  Setting a hunting gear budget will help you plan ahead for upcoming expenses.  I start with my intended hunting trips for the year and factor in the cost of licenses and tags.  If you’re planning an out-of-state hunt, you’re most likely going to need more money for your trip than you would if you were hunting the back forty or a local piece of public ground.  Consider the cost of hunting licenses and tags a fixed expense that you’re going to need to plan for.

Once you know where you’re hunting and how much tags are going to cost, then you can start planning on purchasing hunting gear. We will touch on this topic in more detail later.

Make a Hunting Gear Wish List

As one season ends, another begins, so keep note of the hunting gear that you need to replace or add throughout the season.  I keep a note on my phone that identifies hunting-related products that I’m looking to add to my hunting arsenal the following year.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I’m the hardest person in the world to buy Christmas Gifts for, so one way to solve this issue is to have a list of items at your disposal that you’re interested in buying for yourself, but don’t tell someone to buy you something for Christmas when you know you’re going to need it two months prior during your next big hunting adventure.

On a side note, if you’re ever having issues on finding a Christmas gift idea for someone that hunts, has plenty of gear lists to guide you in the right direction.

Item’s that you’re likely to find on my hunting gear wish list include easy-to-find items like Energizer Lithium AA batteries.  I spend hundreds of dollars every year on batteries and getting a few here and there for stocking stuffers is a life-saver.   I also keep a list of specific sizes for clothing-related items that I plan on adding to my collection as well.  Attending local hunting trade shows gives me access to new hunting gear that my local pro shop or box store might not have in stock.  So, I keep a running list, a very large and detailed list of the items that I would like to add.

Now, it’s important to know what size you wear in each product and brand because they’re not all the same.  For instance, my Sitka pants range in sizes depending on the style.

More on Creating a Hunting Gear Budget

We talked about the fixed costs, such as licenses and tags and you should have an idea of what you’re looking to add to your hunting arsenal as soon as hunting season ends.  This is essential because you’ll be able to take advantage of sales throughout the year and get more bang for your buck.

Now you have to factor in how much money you’re willing to spend on hunting gear.  This will vary from person to person depending on your financial situation, as well as your needs.  A new hunter might need a bunch of gear to get started, whereas an experienced hunter might be looking to upgrade some additional gear that they already have.  Either way, planning early will save you money.

For example, if you know your hunting license expenditures are going to cost you $800 this year and your hunting budget is only $2,000, you’re going to have to pick and choose your battles.  Don’t get me wrong, you can get a lot of gear for $1,200, but you can also dump $1,200 in the blink of an eye on a new bow as well, so let’s be smart and plan ahead.  Saving up for these expenditures takes discipline.  For some, you might need to create a PayPal account or separate checking account to help you save money for hunting gear.  Others might be willing to stash cash in the safe all season.  Neither option is wrong, but both are right.  In fact, combining all of these options and more will allow you to save money when it’s time to make a purchase.  (More on that later).

Whatever option you choose for setting aside some money for hunting gear, stick to it.  Don’t blow your budget on a shiny new bow when last year’s model is just as good.  Also, don’t be afraid to find other ways to make money as well.  The goal here is to help you become a savvy shopper, not a cheapskate.

Generating Additional Money for Hunting Gear

Making extra money for hunting gear isn’t hard if you’re creative.  The hardest part is probably devoting the time to make the extra cash to invest in your hunting gear.  I feel strongly that everyone needs a side hustle but not everyone is willing to invest the time and money into it to be profitable.  Here are a few quick ideas to generate cash flow to put towards your hunting gear.

Garage Sale

Chances are, you’ve got a bunch of junk lying around the house that you don’t use anymore.  Instead of throwing it away, have a yard sale.  Timing this at the beginning of the month with a couple of neighbors will help you be more successful usually.  Don’t expect to make a fortune having a yard sale, but it’s worth a shot.

Sell Your Old Hunting Gear

Facebook Marketplace is a tough place to sell hunting gear but there are options out there for you to sell your old hunting gear before replacing it with new hunting gear.  Just don’t be that guy that expects to sell your used hunting boots for more than they’re currently on sale for new somewhere.  I used to be big into trading hunting gear on online forums such as ArcheryTalk but I’ve since given that up after a couple of bad apples ruined the trading process.  Sadly, it’s hard to trust people nowadays.  eBay is an option, but thanks to new IRS laws, you’re going to be taxed on that.

Trade Time and Manual Labor for Money

Who would’ve thought that manual labor could help you make more money?  Cut grass, chop wood, pressure washing, washing cars, and the list goes on and on.  Who knows, a little side hustle like this could replace your day job someday

Sell Your Shed Antlers

Are you a diehard shed hunter?  If so, you could always sell your Antler collection.  Last I heard, $15 per pound was the going rate on antlers that are in good shape.  Big antlers are often sold individually at a higher price.  I’ve never sold my shed antlers but I know people that buy them if you’re interested in selling.

Own land?  

Look into subleasing your land for a week during hunting season.  Maybe you’re not a turkey hunter but your place has turkeys all over it in the spring.  Lease it out.  Just check with your local rules and regulations that pertain to hunting leases in your state first.  A lot of people that I know sublease their hunting leases for a week or two a year to cover the cost of their hunting lease fees each year.

Other ways to make a dollar.

There are a million ways to make money out there but you’re the only one that can decide which option is best for you.  It takes time and effort, but it can be done.  However, if you decide to earn extra money, make sure you do it legally.

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