So You Think Your Gun is Accurate, eh?

So, you’ve invested $700 in a nice bolt-action rifle, $800 on a decent scope, and thousands more on clothing, hunting license, ammo, lodging accommodations, and who knows all what. So now you’re ready to take a week off from work and go hunt the elusive whitetail or bull elk, right? Not so fast. You may […]

Baiting: Tools of the Trade from a Master Deer Baiter

Author: Ross Mellinger The world we live in has become so filled with hate and judgment that it seems that truly nothing is off-limits anymore. The level of butthurt over success in anything is at an all-time high. People as individuals and others as part of platforms will stop at nothing to dissect a winner’s […]

Never Mess with Muskox Bulls in the Rut!

The fourth day, however, produced an adrenaline rush for me that I will never forget. A bull muskox charge is evaded from a quick thinking hunter with an escape plan.

Bowhunting Success Starts in the Bow Shop

So much time and effort go into chasing the mature whitetails, only to get one short window of opportunity. Let’s map out a few keys to success that are easily overlooked.

Late-October is prime time to hunt scrapes and rubs

Most of October is an overlooked time for gathering information that will be valuable later on, and Late October is the one time of the year when focusing on scrapes and rubs can pay off big. By Bernie Barringer The month of October is maligned by bowhunters everywhere as the months where the bucks disappear […]

Blood Trailing Arrowed Bears

Why it’s different than blood trailing deer By Bernie Barringer My 16-year-old daughter Crystal was sitting in a treestand just below me and to my left. I saw a black spot in the bush behind the bait and tried to tap her on the shoulder to warn her, but she was leaning forward, a 20-guage […]

Mississippi River Whitetails

The “Big Muddy” is producing big whitetails and there’s plenty of public land to hunt them. By Bernie Barringer, photos by Bernie Barringer and Zach Ferenbaugh Take a look at the areas of the Midwest which consistently produce big whitetail bucks and you’ll find some similarities. Winona and Houston counties in the far southeastern part […]

10 Things you didn’t know about mosquitoes

Did you know that mosquitoes like beer drinkers and have a favorite color? Here are ten things I’ll bet you didn’t know. By Bernie Barringer Mosquitoes are some of the most annoying creatures on Earth. There are billions of them and they turn up where you least like them, which is pretty much everywhere they […]

Bowhunters: Should you hunt with your quiver attached?

Quiver on or quiver off? By Bernie Barringer The issue of shooting a bow with a quiver and arrows attached is a debate that has been hashed out over and over on social media and around campfires where ever bowhunters are found. Many say it comes down to personal preference, but I disagree. The right […]