4 Tips for Whitetail Shed Hunting in 2024

By Patrick Long Photo: BryanE on IStock Shed hunting is a fun pastime that we can actually use to scout bucks and spend time with loved ones outdoors. It takes time and can be tough at times but it is super exciting when you find a shed, and even more so when you find a […]

The Do-It-All Gun – .270 Winchester

Written by: James House For about 115 years, the .30-06 Springfield has been the favorite caliber for many hunters and target shooters. In more recent years, the .308 Winchester and several other calibers have achieved great popularity. Growing up as I did I read all the gun literature that I could find (or afford) and […]

Protecting Yourself from Ticks

Ticks can pose a threat to outdoor enthusiasts, as they are carriers of tick-borne diseases. Knowing how to protect yourself from ticks is crucial for enjoying the great outdoors safely. This comprehensive guide will provide you with effective preventive measures and tips to minimize the risk of tick bites and the potential health complications they […]

The Night Before Bow Season

‘Twas the night before bow season, when all through the house;

Not a hunter was sleeping, not even their spouse.

Defining Hunting: Sport, Pastime, or Hobby?

Once we can define hunting for ourselves, only then can we help others connect the benefits of hunting to the act of killing.  When we do this, it will help us recruit new hunters and hopefully convince the anti-hunting community that hunting has its place in our society and is a proven conservation method that we can use to ensure the success of our wildlife for generations to come.

Gear Review: Sitka Fanatic Jacket

With my obsession with whitetail deer hunting, I’m always looking for hunting gear that will enhance my hunting experience, especially in the toughest conditions. When the temperature drops below freezing, I grab my Sitka Fanatic jacket and bib to keep warm even though I’m sitting all day. I’ve been wearing Sitka Gear since their second […]

Budgeting for Hunting Gear

how to buy hunting gear on a budget

Buying quality hunting gear on a budget may seem like a daunting task but I’m here to help.  Not everyone can afford to buy a new bow every year or chase the latest gear craze that’s sweeping the industry.  However, savvy shoppers know how to maximize their dollars to get high-quality hunting gear at a great price. 

Game over

Man I have never had so much optimism hunting one buck, then had so many first hand encounters with him but have him walk away unscathed every single time. I named him Lucky and he seems to live a charmed life. On Saturday evening, my last night, I went back to my stand on the north […]