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With my obsession with whitetail deer hunting, I’m always looking for hunting gear that will enhance my hunting experience, especially in the toughest conditions. When the temperature drops below freezing, I grab my Sitka Fanatic jacket and bib to keep warm even though I’m sitting all day.

I’ve been wearing Sitka Gear since their second year of production and I haven’t looked back. I’ve seen many hunting brands and clothing options come and go over the years, but nothing quite like Sitka. I’m excited to share my in-depth and unbiased review of the Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket and Fanatic Bib with you in a future review. Designed for the coldest days, the Fanatic collection is crafted with the utmost precision. The Fanatic Jacket is a testament to Sitka’s commitment to quality and innovation. Here’s my honest review, the good, the bad, and if you should buy it.

Wind Resistance

Even in the freezing cold, the Fanatic Jacket is a virtually indestructible barrier. It’s windproof and warm thanks to a double-layer Gore-Tex Infinium fabric with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. Warmth isn’t an issue with the Fanatic jacket, but keep in mind it’s not waterproof. If so, you’re missing out on the quiet fleece coating that makes this the ultimate cold-weather bow hunter jacket. Here’s what I’ve noticed: When it’s cold enough to wear a Fanatic jacket, it’s usually too cold to rain. Snow clings to a fleece jacket, and over time moisture seeps into the jacket, but not enough to keep it from snowing.

This jacket is great for keeping out the cold, especially in windy weather. The wind chill factor can greatly affect how cold it gets outside, and the Fanatic Jacket does a great job of protecting the body from those cold winds. High-loft jacquard Berber wool and silver Hi-Loft Ultra insulation work together to provide superior insulation technology and maximum warmth. Even in the harshest conditions, we can rely on the Fanatic Jacket to protect us from biting winds and lock in our body heat.

Built to be Quiet

Silence is our best ally when you’re only moments away from drawing your bow to your target buck. The Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket effortlessly combines ultra-quiet Gore-Tex Infinium technology with an ultra-quiet high-loft Berber wool finish. This strategic combination ensures that your moves will remain undetected even when fully drawn! The jacket’s body-mapping construction uses state-of-the-art noise-canceling fabrics to eliminate layers of noise from the surrounding environment.

Whitetail-Specific Features:

Sitka Gear understands the specific needs of whitetail hunters. The Fanatic Jacket incorporates burr-resistant textiles in key areas to prevent burr pickup and allows for the convenient placement of critical accessories. However, it’s important to note that the entire jacket is not burr-resistant.

To tackle freezing temperatures, I recommend combining the Fanatic Jacket with other Sitka Gear items, such as the Fanatic Bibs, Fanatic Beanie, and Downpour Gloves, for a comprehensive cold-weather clothing system.

Sitka’s attention to detail shows in every aspect of the Fanatic jacket design. The jacket has a diagonal YKK zippered pocket strategically placed to provide easy access to essential gear and ensure we can focus on the field. Low-profile hand warmers and hand warmer pockets provide much-needed warmth on chilly mornings, while the jacket’s raised position allows for comfort and freedom of movement. Plus, integrated harness ports allow for easy integration of key Whitetail accessories for safety and convenience.

Product Improvements Ideas:

While the Fanatic Jacket offers exceptional performance, there are areas for improvement. The price may deter some, and the lack of a hood. The lack of a hood as a built-in feature is a notable drawback of the Fanatic Jacket. Adding a detachable or integrated hood would enhance its functionality, especially in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, incorporating additional ventilation options, such as pit zips, could provide better temperature regulation during periods of physical exertion.

Should You Buy the Sitka Fanatic Jacket?

Overall, the Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket is a top-tier choice for hunters seeking reliable and warm apparel for cold-weather expeditions. Its innovative design, sound-suppressing fabric, and strategic features make it a worthy investment. While there is room for improvement, particularly in terms of pricing and the inclusion of a hood, the Fanatic Jacket remains an excellent option for serious hunters looking to maximize their comfort and stealth in frigid conditions.

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