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AmmoSquared Inc. is transforming the way gun owners accumulate and manage their ammunition inventory with innovative and convenient online-based storage solutions. The service provides gun owners with the ability to set up automatic ammunition replenishments, ensuring that customers never run out of ammunition. Integral to the process is also secure off-site storage of accumulated ammunition until it is shipped.

Understanding the challenges faced by gun owners in maintaining a consistent supply of ammunition, AmmoSquared offers a seamless and hassle-free solution. The company’s automatic inventory replenishment service allows customers to set up personalized recurring “reloads” based on their preferred caliber, use, and budget. Once established, customers have the option to accumulate ammunition over time and then receive regular shipments of their accumulated ammunition, ensuring they are always prepared for their target shooting, defensive, and hunting needs.

“Our service ensures that gun owners always have ammunition available when they need it”, states AmmoSquared CEO Dan Morton. “During the ammo shortage which started without warning in 2020, customers that had been building up a backup supply of ammunition inventory at AmmoSquared, had it available with the click of a button while everyone else was running around finding empty store shelves. It just makes sense to have a backup supply because you never know what could happen.” 

Managing ammunition inventory can be time-consuming and inconvenient for gun owners. AmmoSquared’s automatic replenishment service eliminates the hassle, ensuring that its customers always have the ammunition they need when they want it. They can literally “set it and forget it”. Ammunition is built up over time and then delivered automatically on the customers’ pre-set schedule. 

In addition to providing a consistent supply of ammunition, AmmoSquared offers secure storage for customers who prefer not to keep all of their ammunition inventory at their homes. Also, by rotating stored ammunition multiple times a year, AmmoSquared guarantees that clients receive high-quality, reliable rounds from major manufacturers.

This unique service offers customers peace of mind, knowing that their ammo supply is consistently up-to-date and readily available when needed. AmmoSquared is also a practical solution for those with storage limitations such as apartment dwellers or RVers, environmental hazards, such as floods or tornadoes, or gun owners living in states with oppressive ammunition regulations.

AmmoSquared’s platform combines convenience, security, and exceptional customer service, making it an ideal choice for gun owners looking to simplify ammunition ownership and management.

About AmmoSquared Inc.:

AmmoSquared started in 2015 to provide gun owners with a way to simplify their ammunition inventory management. Offering a wide variety of caliber options, the company’s platform allows customers to set up customized reloads for automatic inventory acquisition and access secure storage services for their accumulated ammunition inventory. AmmoSquared is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for gun owners, revolutionizing the way they manage and maintain their ammunition supply.

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