Since I drew a tag for southern Kansas this year, I plan to hunt a large public hunting property which I have hunted three times in the past four years. Since I have hunted this property several times and I know it well, my strategy is going to be a little different. Normally, I spend a lot more time scouting and tending trail cameras but since I know of a couple really good spots where the bucks move through during the rut, I plan to spend a lot more time on stand in these two spots and park my butt in a stand for a lot more hours than I have done in the past. This is one advantage to having prior knowledge of a property.

I will of course do some prospecting when I can and get some scouting cameras out on food plots and funnels. But since I already know of one excellent funnel I plan to hang two stands there to compensate for various wind directions and then really dedicate myself to these spots. Plans can change rapidly of course, and I may find something that changes this strategy when I arrive or it may change as the days tick away, but I feel like this offers me the best chance of shooting a mature buck on this property. We shall see. When the deer start really cruising the first week in November, I will be ready for them.

Following my hunt in Kansas, I will most likely go to a OTC tag state, either Nebraska or North Dakota. It all depends on several factors including how long I spend in Kansas and if I have a deer in the freezer when I leave there.

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