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‘Twas the night before bow season, when all through the house;

Not a hunter was sleeping, not even their spouse.

Anticipation is building for the morning hunt;

The only thing that would make it better is to wake up to a cold front.

You’ve practiced all summer with your recurve, compound, or crossbow;

In hopes that a big buck would show up tomorrow.

Post-season scouting revealed those big buck beds;

And maybe you even got lucky and scored his sheds.

You rise from the bed before the sound of your alarm;

In hopes that the wind is blowing perfectly on your favorite farm.

A quick scent-free shower and you’re ready to roll

But not before you give FaceBook a quick scroll.

Today’s weather forecast should give you a hint;

And help you lay out the perfect blueprint.

You dash out the door and into the truck;

But not before your wife whispers “Good luck!”

Don’t forget all of your gear as you race out the door;

Because opening day has finally arrived once more!

You hurry to the truck while the sky is still dark;

And your favorite podcast is playing before you’re out of park.

The voice of Mark Kenyon helps set the mood;

And before you know it, your drive is about to conclude.

Don’t slam the door when you exit the truck;

The last thing you want to do is scare off that big buck!

Slide on your boots and grab your gear;

Because the morning sun grows near.

Access routes are the key if you want to succeed;

Don’t forget to check the wind with your trusty milkweed.

Sneak quietly through the woods toward your destination;

Go slow, stay calm, and show respect for God’s great creation.

Slip into the blind or climb up a tree;

Either way, you’ve never felt more free!

The morning sun is only moments away;

But don’t forget to stop and pray!

And as you ponder upon what opening day has in store;

Don’t forget to say thank you for the opportunity to hunt once more!

Happy hunting to all, and to all a good season!

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