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Did you receive an email from Bucks, Bulls, & Bears and now you’re wondering why you received and what to expect?

Bucks, Bull, & Bears is a weekly email for hunters that’s built to entertain, educate, and inform hunters about hunting-related news, stories, and much more. Inside, you’ll learn about the highlights from the hunting community, as well as the lows, including major poaching cases across the nation and information about legislation that could potentially impact our God-given right to hunt!

Thank you for being a Bucks, Bulls, & Bears email subscriber and I look forward to providing you the highest quality entertainment via email possible.

Bucks, Bulls, & Bears is a website dedicated to all things hunting. Originally founded by Bernie Berringer, it’s now owned by Camron Stover. Camron also owns Hunting Gear Deals, a website dedicated to helping the hunting community save money on hunting gear. has in-depth hunting stories, news, and strategies in blog format, as well as an interactive hunting forum.

Bucks, Bulls, & Bears Hunting Forum

Be sure to check out the Bucks, Bulls, & Bears hunting forum, a place for the hunting community to come together and talk about all types of hunting pursuits and gear, without the fear of losing your social media account. It seems that Instagram and FaceBook are constantly censoring hunters, so we built a place where the hunting community could come together and share their thoughts and opinions without backlash. Just keep it clean and respectful. It’s completely free to join.

What to expect each week

If you’ve signed up for the Bucks, Bulls, & Bears email newsletter, you’ll be sure to love it. If one of your hunting buddies signed you up, give it some time and I bet you’ll find value in the email as well. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in one of our weekly emails: Hunting Related News, Hunting Strategies, Tips, & Tricks, Trophy Room, interesting podcasts, and an awesome trail camera photo of the week, there’s even some must-have deals on hunting gear.

Why are Bucks, Bulls, & Bears subscribers receiving sponsored emails on occasion?

Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money to send you this email each week. Currently, there are close to 250,000 Bucks, Bulls, & Bears email subscribers, so I invest thousands of dollars each year to just have the ability to send out the weekly email. In an effort to offset the costs of this email, Bucks, Bulls, & Bears occasionally sell a dedicated email. We NEVER share your email with anyone else, we simply send an email for a client to our list.

What if I don’t want sponsored email and only want the Bucks, Bulls, & Bears email newsletter?

Simply delete it once it hits your inbox. You shouldn’t receive more than two emails from us per week. One is the weekly newsletter and the occasional sponsored email. So, if you don’t want the sponsored emails, just ignore them. If you unsubscribe, you’ll miss out on a high-quality, entertaining weekly hunting newsletter unlike anything else in the industry.

Your Opinion Matters – How to get involved

If you see a hunting-related story, be sure to email it to us so that we can share it with the world. Also, we would love to showcase your trophy hunting photos as well, so send them as well.

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