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Last year, Mystery Ranch released the Treehouse 20 and Treehouse 38.  I had the chance to test the Treeshouse 38 backpack during the 2023 hunting season and I’m impressed.  I honestly didn’t think I’d like the soft, quiet fabric that the pack is made with to keep you silent while in the treestand.  However, after running the large 38L pack with my camera gear, I really enjoyed it.  It wasn’t waterproof but it offered enough protection that I didn’t have to worry about my gear getting wet unless it was a major rain event.  There’s plenty of storage and the external straps allow me to carry bulky hunting clothing to and from the stand with ease.  

The biggest surprise was how easy it was too clean.  The first day that I ever used it, I dropped it in a muddy creek but to my surprise, I picked it up and brushed the debris off the pack with ease.  

After running this pack off and on this season, it still looks like new.  Now, I didn’t beat and abuse it, but that’s only because I haven’t killed much this season so I haven’t used it as meat hauler yet.  

Posted : 14/01/2024 1:23 am