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[Sticky] Forum Rules

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Camron Stover
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Welcome to the Bucks, Bulls, & Bears Hunting Forum, a community for hunters!  

The Bucks, Bulls, & Bears Hunting Forum is all about sharing information and positively communicating with others. The Bucks, Bulls, & Bears Hunting Forum is moderated to keep the discussion flowing and to remove any offensive material. Comments that do not adhere to the moderation rules will be removed or locked.  The following rules apply site-wide. 


  1. Respect forum members. 
    • Always respect the views of other participants even if they don’t agree with you, including but not limited to hunting, ethics, politics, etc. It’s okay to disagree with other forum participants we encourage debate, just keep the dialogue positive.  Our goal is to build a hunting community, not create a place to people to whine, complain, and bully other hunters.
    • Discussions may get heated, and vulgar language or name-calling will not be tolerated.
    • Masked vulgar language (ie, w*rd, rul*s, etc) is considered vulgar.
  2. Use the search function on the forum before making a new post. 
    • You will find more value in reviewing previous posts and often find the answers that you’re looking for without the need for a new post.
  3. Stay on topic.
    • These forums have been created for a specific purpose. If you find that we need a new subforum, reach out to an administrator to make recommendations.
  4. No posting of external links
    • This includes affiliate links and links to social media.
  5. No self-promotion without approval from an administrator.
  6. Don’t post anything that could be considered hateful mean-spirited, or intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion, or age.
  7. No foul or inappropriate language. 
    • Disguising swear words by deliberately misspelling them doesn’t make them any less offensive.
    • The use of ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IN A POST is the same as shouting.
      • It is best not to use all capital letters as it is difficult to read and is intrusive to readers.
  8. This is a hunting forum so stick to discussing hunting-related information, that is what the forum is and was created for. 
  9. If you feel that someone has insulted you, or personally attacked you report their comment to the moderator.
    • Do not continue to exchange dialogue with this information.  The moderator will take a look at the offending comment and decide whether it should be removed.
  10. Don’t be a “troll”.
    • Trolls intentionally incite annoyance or offense. They do not participate constructively in the discussion and do not add any value to the Rokslide Forum. Trolls generally end up being banned forever.
  11. Don’t bully, harass, or threaten other forum participants.
    • If you feel you have been bullied, harassed, or threatened in any way, please report this to the moderators as soon as possible.
  12. Please respect the moderators and staff.
    • Their job is to keep the forum safe and constructive for all users.  Just because people aren’t commenting on a post, doesn’t mean they aren’t reading them.
    • If you see a fellow forum member violating the rules contact a moderator immediately.
    • If a moderator removes your thread or post, contact a moderator by Conversation to request their reasons, or to explain yourself. Moderators are only human and there may have been a misunderstanding.
    • Threatening a moderator will not be tolerated.
  13. Moderator actions:
    1. A moderator may find that a thread or post has violated a rule and will either edit it or remove it. In some cases, this may be accompanied by a warning to the poster and, in extreme cases, banning of the member and his IP. Banning may be temporary or permanent depending on the offense. Appeals may be made by Conversation or email to administration and then a final decision will be made.
  14. Never post personal information about another forum participant.
    • This Includes identifying any individual by their real name or location if they have not already done so or are already providing personal contact information or their location.
  15. Don’t post in a manner that violates any law, promotes the violation of any law, plagiarizes, or violates intellectual property rights.
  16. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!
  17. Please use the Conversation feature to contact other members or forum moderators about any issue. Do not start a thread or use a post for this kind of contact. Do not start a thread or make a post protesting a mod or admin actions (this includes protesting the banning of a member).
  18. Spamming is not allowed. Spamming can be defined as using a post to promote a product or agenda. Threads may not be started for the purpose of adding spam material.
  19. Asking for money, donations, or discount codes is prohibited. We realize that there are many good causes out there, but we have no way to verify the validity of such.

This site was created for you and with a little moderator help can be policed by you. Treat each post as if your 10-year-old daughter was going to read it because all forums are searchable by Google, and therefore available to anyone who has access to the internet.  Only forum members can comment and participate in the discussion. Keep the content clean, honest, and free from sexual innuendo and foul language. Above all, respect others and they will respect you.

Posted : 12/01/2024 10:20 pm
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