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KUIU Peloton 97 Fleece Zip-T and Zip-Off Bottom Review

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KUIU Peloton 97 Fleece Zip-T and Zip-Off Bottom Review

KUIU’s lightest fleece fabric, the Peloton 97, packs an unbelievable warmth-to-weight ratio. Its odor-resistant, high-loft fleece traps warm air while allowing vapor to quickly evaporate. Built with a mid-layer fit, it’s ideally worn over a base layer and under insulating outer layers.


Kuiu really knocked it out of the park with the Peloton line, especially the Peloton 97 series. They are constantly tweaking and bettering their designs, so it says something that this series has stayed true for a while. The best hunting clothing combines to form a layering system that will wick moisture, breathe, and allow for additional protection when adding layers for wind resistance and/or a rain jacket to keep you dry. The KUIU Peloton 97 Fleece Zip-Tt and Peloton 97 Fleece Zip-Off Bottoms have a combined weight of only 9 ounces and cost around $180, they are a bargain, and no reason they shouldn’t be in everyone’s pack this season.

Posted : 15/01/2024 4:13 pm