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Sitka Equinox Guard Pant Review

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Sitka Equinox Guard Pant Review


The Equinox Guard Pant helps prevent contact with insects in three distinct ways: limited skin exposure, bite-reduction fabric, and built-in Insect Shield protection. Comfortable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking pants to keep you safe and bug-free in the woods.


So why should you buy these?  If you are an avid turkey hunter, early-season whitetail hunter, or hiker, work in the woods in warmer temps, or do a lot of scouting, I’m confident these are for you.  If you have concerns with ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos then the insect shield and the internal leg gaiters are the two biggest reasons why you would want to purchase these.  They come in five colors; two solids and three camo patterns.  I have zero concerns about durability.  If something happens, Sitka has a great warranty policy where that will cover anything defective from the manufacturing process.  I also like that they have a repair program. 


Posted : 15/01/2024 4:24 pm