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KUIU Proximity Insulated Pant Review

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KUIU Proximity Insulated Pant Review


Attention Whitetail Hunters.  KUIU has entered the chat with the new Proximity insulated pants.  The Proximity line-up combines industry-leading technologies to ensure you remain undetected during close-encounter situations and warm in cold conditions.  The Proximity line-up is built to be an ultra-quiet system, yet warm by providing excellent wind protection and warmth retention.


So far, I’m really impressed with KUIU’s Proximity Insulated Pants. My expectations were very high when they were initially released because I know how much work and effort KUIU puts into designing its extensive hunting apparel lineup.  We’ve seen hunters from across the world trust KUIU gear in the harshest conditions and on the most exquisite hunts of a lifetime.  Now, a whitetail hunter like me is prepared for whatever the hunt throws my way.

Posted : 15/01/2024 4:26 pm